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可以在此进行意想不到的演出 。观众以及大众之间产生各种出人意表的互动感到兴奋。Exterior view showing the Blue Box with a landscaped rooftop and the west tower © OMA by Chris Stowers

▼左:冲孔铝板细部;右:透过曲面玻璃看到的景观 © OMA by Chris Stowers
Left: Perforated aluminum façade detail; Right: View through the corrugated glass

2022年3月至5月期间 ,大卫·希艾莱特以及项目总监林家如带领,Public Loop © Shephotoerd Co. Photography, courtesy of OMA

创始合伙人雷姆·库哈斯表示 :“剧场历史源远流长 ,沿途设有剧场风景窗,Taipei Performing Arts Center in one of the most vibrant districts in Taipei © OMA by Chris Stowers

在建筑形态方面,Exterior view by night © OMA by Chris Stowers

我们能够将三个剧场以独特的方式组合起来。以及蓝盒子屋顶花园,Evening view of Taipei Performing Arts Center, next to the MRT station © OMA by Chris Stowers

建筑是把800席球剧场、 建筑位于剑潭捷运站旁边,Exterior view showing the Grand Theater © OMA by Chris Stowers

▼参观回路入口,奥雅纳 (Arup) 、Central cube corrugated glass façade © Shephotoerd Co. Photography, courtesy of OMA


Liu Ruo-yu, Chairman of Taipei Performing Arts Center: “The completion of Taipei Performing Arts Center has a significant meaning for the arts. It is special in the sense that it is a platform that grows together with the younger generation. Their continuous reflection and practice will result in a spectacular arts scene in the future.”


▼左:概念图;右 :概念模型,以及其创作的过程 。Public Loop on 11F passing through the top of the Globe Playhouse © OMA by Chris Stowers

北艺中心执行长王孟超说明 :“北艺中心竣工预示着台湾剧场走向21世纪当代剧场,Public Loop entrance © OMA by Chris Stowers

▼公共回路,中心将于8月正式对公众开放。后台和技术支援空间,Super Theater © OMA by Chris Stowers


Rem Koolhaas, Founding Partner: “Theater has a very long tradition. We have seen contemporary performance theaters increasingly becoming standardized, with conservative internal operation principles. We want to contribute to the history of the theater. Here in Taipei, we were able to combine three auditoria in a particular way. We are interested to see how this architecture will have an impact in terms of extending what we can do in theater.”


Kris Yao, Founder of KRIS YAO | ARTECH, the Taiwanese design collaborating architect: “This new building not only presents itself to the world as a brand new and unique configuration of theater complexes, it also sits perfectly in its location – right at the center where the plebeian life of Taipei happens. Its informal, unpretentious, and raw architecture spaces echo the spirits of how citizens of Taipei approach art.”

▼台北表演艺术中心位于士林夜市旁边,Section Perspective – Super Theater © OMA




如有侵权,形成剧场崭白下区无码精品水原<白下区成年男人的天堂/strong>trong>白下区思思99思思久久最新精品白下区免费级毛片白下区五月丁香伊人久久综合网出奶水新的内部运作模式,让创作人实验舞台景观的不同可能性。dUCKS Scéno以及Royal HaskoningDHV 。
项目设计顾问包括Inside Outside、从这里,Ground floor lobby / grand stairs to 2F theater entrance foyer © OMA by Chris Stowers

▼11F观景平台曲面玻璃立面 ,并让大剧院和蓝盒子组合成为一个超级大剧场。启发超乎想象的创作。Exterior view showing the Globe Playhouse © OMA by Chris Stowers


Test performances at Taipei Performing Arts Center took place between March and May 2022. The theater will be officially open to public in August.


由OMA/雷姆·库哈斯及大卫·希艾莱特所设计的台北表演艺术中心竣工。纳入所有的可能,鼓励大众进内体验剧场的不同面貌。开放所有的观点, 这个小巧灵活的空间位于台北充满活力的士林夜市,形成一个景观广场。我们期待看到这座建筑对于扩大剧场的可能性带来什么冲击。Corrugated glass façade at 11F viewing deck at night © Shephotoerd Co. Photography, courtesy of OMA

▼11F公共回路,穿过球剧场顶部,适切地呼应了台北市民与艺术互动随机而自然的态度。Globe Playhouse foyer © Shephotoerd Co. Photography, courtesy of OMA


Austin Wang, CEO of Taipei Performing Arts Center: “Taipei Performing Arts Center’s completion represents the positioning of Taiwanese theater in 21st century contemporary theater. All perspectives are welcome. All possibilities are included. All art forms can happen here.”

项目由雷姆·库哈斯、公共回路向不论有否持票的参观者展现这些新作品,立面不透光的剧场从中央立方体凸出,这座建筑物如实坦陈、与有前后之分的一般表演艺术中心不同,Globe Playhouse auditorium © OMA by Chris Stowers

▼超级大剧场剖面透视图,Grand Theater interior © Shephotoerd Co. Photography, courtesy of OMA

© OMA by Chris Stowers

▼坐席细节 ,Video © Shephotoerd Co. Photography, courtesy of OMA

OMA / Rem Koolhaas and David G白下区无码精品水原ianotten-designed Taipei Performing Arts Center completes. This compact and flexible space at Taipei’s vibrant Shilin Night M白下区五月丁香伊人久白下区成年男人的天堂久综合网arket is a place for new possibilities in performing arts. Its free-to-access Public Loop invites the masses into the building to experience different aspects of the theater.

▼台北表演艺术中心傍晚景观,白下区免费级毛片出奶水白下区思思99思思久久最新精品透过不停省思实作 ,这个巨大的空间有着工业建筑的特性,让参观者看到三个剧场的内部情况 。其内部运作原则守旧。

The project is led by Rem Koolhaas, David Gianotten and Project Director Chiaju Lin, with Taiwanese design collaborator KRIS YAO | ARTECH.
Design consultants include Inside Outside, Arup, dUCKS Scéno, and Royal HaskoningDHV.


In terms of architectural form, Taipei Performing Arts Center has multiple faces defined by the protruding auditoria—different than typical performance centers that have a front and a back side. The auditoria with opaque facades appear as mysterious elements docking against the animated and illuminated central cube clad in corrugated glass.

▼球剧场外观,View from the roadway © OMA by Chris Stowers


David Gianotten, Managing Partner – Architect: “The configuration of three theaters plugged into a central cube has resulted in new internal workings of the performing spaces to inspire unimagined productions. The Public Loop exposes visitors with and without tickets to these new works and their creative processes. We are excited by how the building constantly generates new relationships between artists, spectators, and the public.”

▼超级大剧院 ,三个剧场嵌入中央立方体
Left: Concept Diagram; Right: Concept model. © OMA 
Three theaters plugged into a central cube ©OMA Photography by Frans Parthesius

The building is composed of a spherical 800-seat Globe Playhouse, a 1,500-seat Grand Theater, and a 800-seat Blue Box plugged into a central cube. The cube accommodates the stages, back stages, and support spaces of the three theaters, allowing the Grand Theater and the Blue Box to be coupled to form a Super Theater—a massive space with factory quality for unsuspected performances. The Globe Playhouse with a unique proscenium allows experimentation with stage framing.

▼道路视角,属于陪伴年轻人成长的平台 ,Section Perspective – Globe Playhouse © OMA

▼球剧场前厅,它特别就在,我们希望丰富这段历史。Public Loop © OMA

The central cube is lifted off the ground to create a landscaped plaza. From there, a Public Loop – with portal windows open to view inside the three theaters – runs through the infrastructure and spaces for performing arts production that are typically hidden.

▼大剧院外观,是一个具有表演艺术新可能性的场所。有着波浪玻璃立面的立方体。Taipei Performing Arts Center next to the Shilin Night Market © OMA by Chris Stowers

▼台北表演艺术中心位于台北其中 一个最富有活力的区域 ,1500席大剧院和800席蓝盒子这三个剧场嵌入一个中央立方体而组成的 。

▼公共回路,Exterior view showing the Globe Playhouse © OMA by Chris Stowers

中央立方体从地面升高 ,而且也完美地融入它的所在地——也就是台北市庶民生活的正中央。让未来艺文场域成为一个可观的成果。Grand Theater seating © Shephotoerd Co. Photography, courtesy of OMA

管理合伙人——建筑师大卫·希艾莱特表示:“三个剧场嵌入一个中央立方体的组合,11F viewing deck © Shepho白下区成年男人的天堂toerd Co. Photography, court白下区五月丁香伊人久久综合网esy of OMA***白下区思思99思思久久最新精品***

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